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                                       OPERA "IN FLAGRANTE"

     It is a one-act pasticcio-opera thriller based on the historical account of Gesualdo’s busting of his wife with a Count in bed and his subsequent bloody murder of them both but with a twist. Basically, the whole opera takes place in Gesualdo’s mind and is a flashback to the murder, investigation, interrogation and his acquittal by court. Because the whole opera is narrated from Gesualdo’s perspective, these scenes are mixed with fantastic elements, unexpected contrasts and stunning scenes.

     The opera is approximately 1,5 hours long and consists of Gesualdo’s madrigals and other works (in total). The pieces that connect the scenes are composed by Ardashes Agoshian in contemporary style.


Don Carlo Gesualdo: Countertenor

Donna Maria (Gesualdo’s wife): Coloratura soprano/soubrette

Don Fabrizio (Donna Maria’s lover): Figurant-baritone chorister

Inspectors, witnesses, jury members and the judge Five choristers (SATTB)


On stage: 3 modern Double Bass players in different sizes, all in djinn costume

Orchestra pit: 5 Gamba (SSATB), 1 Theorbo, 1 Cembalo/Positive organ.

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