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    Dear Lifelong Learners,   

    What is your dream in music?

    Is it playing an instrument? Composing and/or arranging music? Or are you playing an instrument but you don't know how to hit the next level? Maybe you have a vocal or instrumental ensemble and you (and your group) need coaching?


    All these dreams and aspirations can come true with hard work and a reliable education system.  

"Agoshian Music Education Center"© is here to provide the system that you need. "Personally Designed Education Model"© (PDEM) is the most important feature of the system. It means that the whole education curriculum will be tailored especially to your needs. The aim is to improve your abilities, desires and targets not only in music but also in life because music is an inseparable part of it. 


  • Group lessons for instrumentalists and composers (separately):


- Warming up exercises for the body and mind, meditation to enhance focus

- Music theory, solfeggio and ear training

- Music history

- How to listen to music

- Basics of the Sibelius notation program (Not suitable for children and optional for


 - Every student needs an extensive amount of basics of music. It is a well-balanced mix of

historical, technical, spiritual and aesthetic information.

- These are group lessons but you also have the option to take private lessons.



  • Private instrument lessons:


- I give piano, classical guitar, bass guitar, and double bass lessons at all levels in English, Western Armenian and Turkish. I also speak basic Dutch. You should choose one instrument. If you can play one of them at an intermediate level, then you can learn one more instrument if you want to. I will add some instruments and languages with experienced teaching staff in the near future. 

- I give lessons to children (minimum 9 years old) and adults (without age limit). 

Reminder: 9-15 years old students would require certain psychological support about the daily practice from family. 

- I expect each student to have their own instrument. I do not provide instruments and books but I am going to share my contacts for renting instruments and buying books.   

- I can help you prepare for the entrance exams of music schools and conservatories. For a successful result, please contact me as early as possible.

- Every musician at every level should share their music with the public. I will organize some student concerts, and you will be expected to play there to improve your stage performance abilities.  

- The instrument lessons are divided into four sections: Improvisation, scales/arpeggios, exercises/etudes and repertoire.  

- I have mentoring programs for upper intermediate and advanced instrumentalists for building and keeping repertoires and recordings. 

- This program has an online option. It requires a fast Internet connection and a basic system with a sound card and a microphone.

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  •  Composition lessons:

    This program is for two types of students: 

a) A person who is seriously interested in being a composer and has intermediate music theory knowledge (I need a permission letter from his/her teacher -including the contact info of the teacher - If he/she is currently following a composition class).

b) Intermediate and upper-level instrumentalists who are seriously interested in being a composer. 


- The composition lessons are intertwined into three sections: musical analysis, orchestration, and composition.

- I do not provide sheet music, books and scores but I am going to share the links for buying books and/or copyright-free PDF files from IMSLP.

- Every composition student has to play the piano (the minimum requirement is an intermediate level, except for guitarists and people with special needs). If they can not play it yet, they must take piano lessons. It is so vital for a general approach to music.      

- Every composition student has to use the Sibelius or equivalent notation program very well. I can help them only with the Sibelius. I also give lessons in editing the scores and parts of your compositions. 

- I have a mentoring program for experienced composers about composing large-scale works such as opera and symphonic works. 

- This program has an online option. It requires a fast Internet connection.

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  • Ensemble coaching:

- Every ensemble can apply to this program (vocal, instrumental, mixed, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, and so on).

- The coaching program consists of preparing repertoire and rehearsal plans. The repertoire should (almost) fit the level of the ensemble.

- We will decide the number of rehearsals together.  

- Every rehearsal is divided into three sections: warming up for creating an ensemble sound, score analysis and interpretation.  

- Every group should provide their materials including their music stands.

- Every group is responsible for organizing their concerts. In the future, I can provide a stage for them if the time and place are suitable.   

- This program has no online option but I give mentoring services about home and commercial recordings.

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Please feel free to E-Mail me at for more information.

Ardashes Agoshian

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